Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dec 12 2012 - Jan 6 2013

Come to the woods, for here is rest. There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. Here grow the wallflower and the violet...Sleep in forgetfulness of all ill. Of all the upness accessible to mortals, there is no upness comparable to the mountains. ~ John Muir

Just before sunrise, viewed east looking over White Oak Canyon

Sunrise at the lower falls in White Oak Canyon.

Lower White Oak Canyon Trail with a rising sun shedding light.

Steep and rocky lower White Oak Canyon trail.

Robinson river pooling before it shoots over the upper falls in White Oak Canyon.

At White Oak Canyon trail junction with Limberlost Trail. The upper half of White Oak Canyon Trail above the upper falls is fairly graded and nontechnical, whereas the lower half is steep and technical with some gnarly sections of rock. The forest in the upper half is also much more pristine in appearance, inviting, and beautiful, due in part to the interspersed population of Hemlock.

More completely untouched upper White Oak Canyon trail, with many Hemlock.

Stony Man summit 4,011' view north over Shenandoah, with The Pinnacle 3,730' on the far right, and Marys Rock 3,514 along the ridge to its left.

Stony Man summit 4,011', view northwest with Massanutten Mtn running south north along the left, with George Washington Nat'l Forest and the mountains of West Virginia beyond.

Stony Man summit 4,011'.

Stony Man Summit 4,011' view south, with Hawksbill 4,051' at center. Notice the moon in the upper right.

Panorama view south over Shenandoah NP from Stony Man 4,011' with Hawksbill 4,051' just left of center with Massanutten Mtn running south north along the right. Looking closely over the southern terminus of Massanutten one can see Elliot Knob 4,463' in George Washington Nat'l Forest some 60mi away. It was so clear I may have been able to point out Three Ridges and The Priest, though the camera couldn't quite capture it.

Stony Man summit 4,011'., notice the moon over my right shoulder.

Descending a mostly untouched upper Bridle Path, making for a super fun and fast descent.

Descending a pristine and untouched snow covered flattish section of Bridle Path with some interspersed Hemlock.

Upper Falls in White Oak Canyon.

Ascending lower White Oak Canyon, not far up from the start of consistent snowpack.

Rock and Robinson River, in lower White Oak Canyon.

More steep trail in lower White Oak Canyon before reaching consistent snowpack.

Lower falls in White Oak Canyon along the Robinson River, with a brilliantly clear snow-melt pool.

Last flat section of White Oak Canyon trail along the Robinson back to the trailhead.