Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mt Washington - Huntington Ravine & Lion's Head

Boot Spur in the early morning
Morning light on the headwall of Huntington Ravine

Looking at the headwall from its base
Sunrise to the east from the base of Huntington
At the base of the Fan, the talus slope

The start of the scramble, a bit sketchy with lots of runoff and slick rock
Central Gully
Looking back at the Pinnacle, and lots of wet slabs of rock below
U-shape glacial cirque comprising Huntington Ravine
More headwall to climb
Wildcat/Carter Range in the distance from the top of Huntington

Alpine Garden trail looks lovely
Ball Crag at right, and Mt Washington summit at distant center

Overlooking a strew of cairns marking the Nelson Crag trail on Chandler Ridge, seen from Ball Crag
Ball Crag, with the tower on Mt Washington peeking behind
View towards Tuckerman Ravine from Ball Crag
Mt Washington Summit from Ball Crag
Northern Presidentials from Ball Crag

Crossing the Auto Rd on Nelson Crag Trail

Northern Presi's

Overlooking Tuckerman Ravine and Boot Spur
Typical trail on Lion's Head approaching the summit

Stunted fir lined trail

Cairns along the way
Boot Spur from Lion's Head

Tuckerman Ravine
Lion's Head trail heading to Mt Washington

Nelson Crag at right, seen from Lion's Head
Mt Washington and Chandler Ridge
Pinkham Notch far below
Back in the trees on Lion's Head

Typical White Mtn trail

Tuckerman Ravine trail
Wildcat Mtn seen crossing Cutler River