Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mary's Rock - Blue Skies and Blueberries

Buck Hollow TH

rock outcropping with views to the northwest on the ridgline to the summit
final stretch and turn to the summit
views down to Thornton Gap
views over northern SNP from the 'trailed summit' of Mary's Rock
bushwacking and scrambling up to some of the rocks, closer to the true summit of Mary's Rock
the true summit of Mary's Rock, a short bushwack and scramble away
to the east
southwest, Stony Man in distance at left
bushwacking up to one of the more southernly rocks affords one views to the southeast of Old Rag, unavailable from the trailed summit


capping off a week with 50.5k' of climbing with a late summer run up Mary's Rock, fall is just around the corner!!